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We are a Strategic Partner – For our customers, we are not another Digital Signage provider. We are an extension of their marketing team. A team with decades of experience in Digital Marketing. We offer FREE consultation in building Digital Signage networks – technology, strategic placement of displays, installation, create content and managing the network.

Experts in the Industry – Not only we have a long history in Convenience Store industry, our partners are some of the biggest and widely recognized distributors in the industry. We work together to help customers increase sales without increasing cost.

NO MONTHLY SERVICE FEES – Whether it is Digital Menu Boards or In-store Digital Marketing, the effectiveness of any marketing depends on the content on display. Our team of professional motion graphic designers create and manage all your displays to drive sales.

24x7 Content and Tech Support – A team of Professional Motion Graphic Designers create content and manage the displays with latest promotions, including changes to the Menu Boards. A team of experienced Tech Support team to deliver the highest uptime.

Proven technology with 1000’s of deployments

True End-To-End Solution

True End-To-End Solution – We made it easy and affordable for Gas Station owners and Convenience Store chains to deploy and manage Digital Menu Boards and In-store Digital Marketing. We are your single point of contact for all your digital signage needs. We offer a proprietary hardware, software and install/deployment of digital signage networks.

Turn-Key Solution – Is as easy as simply connecting 2 cables – HDMI and power to turn any display/TV into a state-of-the-art Digital Signage. Whether you operate a single location, multiple stores across a few states or thousands of stores across the country, we made it extremely easy to deploy and manage the network of displays across all your stores.

FREE Hardware and Software – Our industrial strength media player is built to run 24x7 and it comes with 99% uptime and unprecedented FREE lifetime warranty. Our Digital Signage Player also comes with free lifetime software upgrades.

FREE Content Management System (CMS) – We built a platform that can meet the needs of a small business owner to largest convenience store chains. Use the built-in tools to create content, make changes, schedule, monitor any display or the entire network from anywhere in the world using any device, any operating system.

Digital Menu Boards

For nearly a decade we have been helping some of the widely recognized national brands. In many cases we help convert from traditional signs such as printed signs, backlit signs among others to thousands of impactful Digital Menu Boards that help our customers increase sales effortlessly.

Whether a convenience store offers its own brand, license programs or includes a franchise within the store, we can provide a Turn-Key Digital Menu Board with impressive motion graphics to not only increase food service, but also influence impulse buying. Click here to see the difference in our Digital Menu Boards.

For a limited time, there is NO MONTHLY FEES FOR THE ENTIRE 2021 calendar year.

In-Store Digital Marketing – Fastest and easiest way to Increase Sales

During the past year, we helped more C-Stores deploy Digital Signage than ever before. C-store Digital Signage offers a true Turn-Key solution that helps small independent operators to chain stores to take advantage of all the benefits that come with In-store Digital Marketing.

Contact for a No-Obligation and in-person demo to experience the difference between our services and others. We are confident you will reach the same conclusion as most prospects we meet – there is no comparison to our platform or the quality of the content and our services can enhance your store in more ways than one. More importantly, our services help Increase Sales.

Unique Value Proposition

Unlike any other Digital Signage Provider, we are the single point of contact for our customers when it comes to In-store Digital Marketing. We offer a purpose-built proprietary hardware designed to run 24x7, backed by lifetime guarantee, proprietary software, and proprietary content management system (CMS) that can run on any device and any platform. Our team of professional motion graphic designers work closely with each and every customer to create a unique design and content specific to each client.

We also offer a FREE site survey and installation services. The Managed Service Team provides all the content changes/updates such as daily, weekly, seasonal promotions and sales to maintain the displays to attract customers, upsell and to increase sales.

A TRUE Plug and Play Digital Signage

We provide a TRUE Turn-Key Digital Signage – whether it is menu boards, or any other type of marketing displays – simply connect the power and HDMI cable to start displaying content specifically created for the store. Once deployed, a team of professional graphic designers create and manage promotions, specials and maintain the menu boards, which helps the store owner focus on running their business.

No prior experience needed to deploy or operate Digital Signage.

There is no need for any fancy equipment or an expensive display or someone to create content – we manage the entire process for you to operate an impactful Digital Signage network, regardless of a single location or 100’s of locations across multiple states or across the country.

Managed Services – We Made it EASY and Affordable for any size C-Store

CStore Digital Signage Managed Services

Regularly we receive calls from C-Stores of all sizes with variety of challenges they are facing with their Digital Menu Boards and other marketing displays/signage. The complaints range from dark screens, meaning no content on the display or unable to make changes/updates due to digital signage provider no longer being in business.

We made it easy and affordable to either switch from any other digital signage provider or to implement digital signage in your stores for the first time. Simply connect the power and HDMI cable to an existing display/TV and the content that is created specific to your business will start displaying within 60 seconds. All the price changes, creating content for new promotions are done remotely and managed by a team of experienced professional designers.

Here are some examples to demonstrate the quality of Convenience Store Content

Freal Deal-Pizza Combo
Fantastic Cafe-White Label
Click on the above thumbnails to view the videos.